Liberty Safe Reviews

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Liberty Safe Reviews

Liberty are a well known gun safe manufacturer who have produced a wide range of high quality gun safes. When choosing a gun safe it is important that you pick one that is highly secure and can also withstand a fire.

Liberty have a wide range of gun safes to choose from, so picking the right one can be difficult. Below we discuss whether Liberty are a good gun safe manufacture along with our top recommendations.

Liberty Safes Review
With so many different gun safe companies to choose from you may be wondering if Liberty are the right choice. After testing almost all of their gun safes, and owning a few myself, I can highly recommend Liberty for gun safes.

Every Liberty safe I have tested has been very well put together both in its exterior and interior. What really makes them stand out however is that they thoroughly test each safe to ensure it can withstand substantial heat.

Liberty Gun Safe Awards

  • Top Liberty Gun Safe Pick – Liberty Centurion Explorer 22 Gun Safe
  • Under $700 Choice – Liberty Revolution Safe
  • Noteworthy Mention – Liberty Safes SafElerts

Top Liberty Gun Safe Picks

Top Liberty Gun Safe Pick – Liberty Centurion Explorer 22 Gun SafeC

Whilst there are a lot of Liberty gun safes available, our top pick goes to the Centurion Explorer. This gun safe is not the most expensive they offer however we feel it offers the best value for the price by providing a large gun capacity whilst being very well built.

The safe is made of thick solid steel along with triple hard plates that protect the lock. This is important since if the lock is easy to tamper with or remove then it makes it easy to break into. It also uses 1 inch locking bolts to secure the door.

Another reason we picked this safe is because of its fire resistance. Many safes at this price range will not hold up if there is a prolonged fire. However this safe has been tested up to 1200 degrees (62,00- BTUs), so you can feel reassured if a fire occurs.

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Under $700 Choice – Liberty Revolution Safe

If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, then the Revolution safe is a great choice. This safe can store up to 24 guns as well as providing additional storage space for other items such as ammunition and personal documents.

Whilst it doesn’t include all the features of the Centurion Explorer, it is still a very secure and fire resistant safe. It includes anti break down hinges, anti drill lock protection, solid steel construction, and a secure locking system.

Like the centurian this safe has been made to withstand substantial heat; it has been tested to withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees (62,00- BTUs). Overall a great safe at an affordable price.

Noteworthy Mention – Liberty Safes SafElerts

Another great product from Liberty is the SafElerts monitoring system. If you haven’t purchased a gun safe yet or already own one, then you should defiantly consider using this. It is a small sensing device that is easily hidden in your safe and will alert you if the safe is opened or if someone tries to break in.

If you are storing hundreds or even thousands of dollars of firearms, ammunition, important documents, or even money, then buying one of these is certainly worthwhile. We have tested this on a number of gun safes and it is surprisingly accurate.

The monitoring system connects via Wifi, so you will need to have that setup in the same building otherwise it will not work. In addition to getting alerts if a break in or a fire occurs, you get weekly emails providing detailed reports.

Liberty Safe Reviews Conclusion
If you are looking for a very high end gun safe then we recommend checking out Liberty’s website to see their full range. However the Centurion and Revolution gun safes offer great value and we can highly recommend them. If you have specific Liberty gun safes you want us to review please let us know on social media or by contacting us.

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