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Gun Safes

Welcome to American Gun Safes! The only site that brings you the latest and best gun safe reviews, news, and discounts.

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There are thousands of gun safes to choose from so finding the best one can be tiresome. Also many gun safe manufactures overstate their features so it can be hard to know how effective they really are. Luckily we have plenty of reviews to help you make the best choice.

Choosing the Right Gun Safe
There are many poorly made gun sades on the market so ideally you want one that is well built, has good security, and is potentially fire proof. There are also additional features you may be looking for such as biometrics.

Gun safes typically start in the 100’s and can reach into the thousands for a high end gun safe. Typically by paying you more you get more space, compartments, and added security.

On this site you will find a number of reviews for most gun safes where we give you both the pro’s and con’s of each safe. This allows you to find something in you budget that has the features that you want such as being fireproof or bullet resistant.

Types of Gun Safes
Typically smaller safes are called “personal gun safes” which usually allow you to store small weapons such as hand guns. These come in a range of shapes and sizes including wall mounted and drawer designs.

The next type is the traditional gun safe which can house larger weapons such as rifles. With these safes you get a larger area to store guns and you usually get at least one shelf to store ammo, documents, etc.

Gun Safe Reviews, Tips, and More
Now you know the basics of gun safes you should checkout our in depth review of the best gun safes. We recommend a number of great gun safes based on your price range and needs.

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    As gun safe enthusiasts we found many people had a hard time choosing a solid safe, that keeps your guns safe from burglars, fires, and your kids.

    We have compared hundreds of safes to help you make the best decision. Check out our reviews or read our in-depth buyers guide.

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